Logitech Spotlight Plus wireless presentation controller

A small device. Great emphasis. Together, the Spotlight driver and its companion applications bring a range of smart and customizable features. You can confidently appear in front of the participants and start the presentation without any worries.

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Brand: Logitech
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A whole new standard in presentation control. Scroll images up to 30 meters with confidence and use the advanced pointer for Highlight, Zoom or Mark Areas of Interest with a Digital Laser.


Choose from three advanced pointer modes. Highlighting on the screen creates a spotlight effect, Magnification allows you to zoom in on details, and Digital Laser allows you to pinpoint information.
*Activated through the Logitech Presentation App

Use the on-screen cursor to play and pause videos, launch links, and interact with a wide variety of content. The Spotlight controller is equipped with a motion sensor so you don't have to slow down the slope of the presentation and move close to the mouse or laptop.


The Spotlight controller can be connected in an instant using a USB receiver or Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. Plug-and-play connectivity and compatibility with the most advanced presentation applications can be used on most platforms. In addition, the controller is fully rechargeable and has an impressive operating range of 30 square metres.

*Once fully charged, it lasts up to 3 months. It may vary depending on how it is used.
*May vary depending on environmental conditions and usage.



Keep time perfectly under control from the first to the last slide. Set time milestones within the application and receive vibrating alerts right in your hand.
*Activated through the Logitech Presentation App